Sample research paper outline and tips to make one 


The research paper is a literary work in which a topic on a given domain is analyzed and researched in depth. It is a written piece that documents the systematic research conducted by scientists. It involves conducting research on a given topic, whether selected by yourself or provided by the instructor, establishing a viewpoint on that topic, and providing detailed evidence in support of the viewpoint. But the research paper does not need to have original research for it to be considered a legitimate research paper. Analysis performed on the research of others and documenting the finding in a paper is also termed as a research paper. Moreover, reviewing and evaluating the research conducted by others can also be used in research paper writing. In case of any difficulty that arises during the essay writing process, the help of a professional free essay writing service can be attained to end up with quality content within the research paper.

There are many steps involved when writing a research paper that needs to be considered for writing the perfect research paper. First and foremost, you should aim to select the topic and the research question that you are going to tackle. You should aim to select those topics that you are passionate about and have solid basic knowledge about. If you are still having difficulty shortlisting the topic of the research paper, you can get the help of your instructor, who can provide you with a list of research questions that you can choose from. After the topic has been selected, you should conduct research on that topic to gather the information that would be relevant and interesting to your research topic. Visit your university library and ask the librarian to provide you with the relevant books and journals. In addition to this, you can gather resources for your research on the internet using services like Google Scholar. You should aim to create annotated bibliographies of your resources so that you can get information from them at a later time without having to waste much time. If I were to face difficulty in these steps, I could ask a professional writer to write my essay for me for free so that I can end up with the quality paper that I require.

The next step would be to write the thesis statement of the research paper. A thesis statement is a pithy statement that gives the entire gist of the research paper and informs the reader about the content that is about to follow. After the thesis statement has been written, it is time for constructing the outline of the research paper, that would provide you with a structure on which to base your entire research paper. Moreover, Websites to write essays would help you to stay on track and include information that has been carefully selected to be in the research paper. After that, you should start the writing phase of the research paper. Start with the introduction of the research paper, before moving to the body and conclusion of the paper. The part of the writing phase that we would focus on in this discussion is the outline of the research paper. Following is a sample research paper outline that would prove to be helpful in the research paper writing phase.

  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of economic inequality
  3. Types of economic inequality: income, wage, and
  4. Previous trends in economic inequality
  5. Thesis statement
  6. Trends in income distribution
  7. What is income inequality?
  8. How much income inequality has increased over the years from the essay writer free online?
  9. What impacts have the income inequality produced?
  10. Trends in wage distribution
  11. What is wage inequality?
  12. How much wage inequality has increased over the years?
  13. What impacts have the wage inequality produced?
  14. Trends in wealth distribution
  15. What is wealth inequality?
  16. How much wealth inequality has increased over the years?
  17. What impacts have the wealth inequality produced?
  18. The causes behind the increase in economic inequality
  19. How the labor unions have declined over the years
  20. The linkage between declining labor unions and increasing economic inequality
  21. Possible solutions to the problem of decreasing labor unions
  22. Conclusion
  23. Restating the thesis statement
  24. Summary of the core points
  25. Call to action

While writing the outline of the research paper, there are some instructions that are to be kept in consideration. First and foremost, you should organize the thoughts and ideas that you have gathered through the research process in a logical manner. Pay special attention to where a specific idea should be placed for it to make the most sense. Does that idea need to be placed at the beginning of the text or the ending? How would the other ideas discussed in that section relate to the added information? The paper or essay writer free should strive to answer these questions so that the organization of the text, which is the primary task of any outline, can be achieved efficiently. While writing the outline of the research paper, it is useful to divide the information into its relevant categories and subsections. There is no defined limit as to how many subsections are to be included in the outline, so you do not have to worry about some upper limit. Given that these instructions and tips are followed, you would end up with a quality research paper.  

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